Pipes and Tubes Manufacturers in Chennai

  •  GI Pipes:

The GI pipes are primarily useful for the crafting and fabricating the multitude types  of products.  In addition, they are popular in making the sewage pipes. Madhav is one of the Top-tier manufacturing industries located in Chennai, offering the drawing the quality ranges of GI pipes.  These standard GI Steel and pipe fitting is produced with help of advanced technology.  Here pipes are manufacturer with higher accuracy by mahadev well-experienced manufacturing unit team to maintain standard.  Usually they offered ranges got the appraisal for high tensile strength, dimensional accuracy, robust construction, and durability. It has gone through very genuine test to prove for its purity.



  • Roofing sheets:

Whether you are looking the Roofing Sheet Dealers in Chennai? Yes, then here you can get the brilliant color and high quality roofing sheets. It included with the numerous benefits when you purchase from the Madhav Pipes &Tubes Pvt lt.

  • Brilliant color appeal of the Top coating roofing sheets enhances your place.
  • Multitude layer of protection will helps to give the long life.
  • Superior balance between coverage and strength.
  • High ribbed profile for the long life.
  • High trapezoidal cress for the enough drainage and beautiful appeal.
  • Hexagonal shape of trapezoid for the impressive load distribution.
  • Back of roofing coat is colored in grey color to get the abundant light dispersion and also get soothing effect on eyes.
  • For the  non-leakage, here they use the Anti-capillary grove to get the better result of the capillary actions
  • It is perfectly match for roofing, barricading, cladding and other purposes.

Simply utilize all the benefits from the professional Roofing Sheets Suppliers in Chennai. Purchase the product to roof or cladding needs.


  • square hollow sections:

For the efficient purpose, most of the people hire the Hollow Section Manufacturers in Chennai because which gives the high torsional rigidity and compressive strength.  Especially, square hallow sections are best for making the grills and gates. In addition, it is used in PERGOLAS and external cladding.  Not only square hallow section, rectangular hallow section is very popular which act as the excellent material distribution. It is also recently replaces the wooden structure of the pipes because of its stunning appeal. Connect with the Madhav Square Hollow Section Suppliers in Chennai to avail the standard and impressive square tubes strength between YST 240 TO YST 360.


  • Rectangular hollow sections:

Rectangular hallow section are welded either cold rolled, hot rolled, pre-galvanized or stainless steel. Process of rectangular hollow section formation is done with best approach. First take down the first form of the round steel tube. After that pressing it, you will get the rectangular shape of the hallow sections. Get in touch with the world class service provider Rectangular Hollow Section Suppliers in Chennai. You can also Purchase it whole from this top-notching Rectangular Hollow Section Wholesale in Chennai.


  • Purling:

They are preeminent Purlin Suppliers in Chennai offering C-SECTIONS and Z-SECTIONS purlins. They are having a huge range of the dealers and distributors in Chennai. C and Z section is popular because it is tailored mad based on the customer requirements. Are you in search of Purlin Manufacturers in Chennai ? it is a place where you can yield the large scale of multitude purlin c and z section heavy duty star rated production items.


Mild steel pipes /MS pipes:

You can use the mild steel pipes are used in distinct sectors for different construction purposes.  Get the talented and well-experience team from the Madhav pipes and tubes to get the standard products as per user requirement.



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